Data Entry

If accuracy is key to your data entry project, Modern Day Scribe is your solution. Our highly trained, professional team of data entry service operators has the experience needed to provide fast and accurate data entry services to you.

Modern Day Scribe specializes in marketing/marketing research projects, and our data entry staff is accustomed to the procedures and expectations of the research industry. Some of our clients even rely on us to distill collected data and extract only what is essential to their particular research needs.

Our diverse and experienced team of data entry specialists is trained to capture data from audio recordings, hard copy forms and cards, digital files transferred via FTP or email, and web-based systems.

By using Modern Day Scribe’s U.S.-based data entry staff, you get the assurance that we understand the colloquialisms and nuances of every-day American language, as well as being accustomed to listening to and understanding an eclectic range of accents (geographic, regional, and ethnic). This means that we can capture the most usable data from audio-based research projects.

Modern Day Scribe provides data entry services to a broad range of industries—no subject is too specialized!