Transcription & Captioning Services

MDS-celebratingModern Day Scribe, LLC is the premier transcription service. We are proud of our 20 years of service to a variety of industries and are well known for our commitment to quality, accuracy, and quick project completion.

Let us capture the insights your meetings generate. We transform the spoken word (captured in focus groups, interviews, and conference calls) into written text for any report or presentation. Our new video captioning service is designed to enhance your video productions and optimize their results online.


Mary Jo Cranmore: Hi, everyone. I’m Mary Jo Cranmore from Big Fuse Media. Today, I’m going to teach you how to build your search engine rankings by putting video on your website along with captions and transcripts. The thing to understand about video is that even though Google loves video—YouTube is Google, right?—even though Google loves video, they really don’t know how yet to actually crawl a video. I’m sure it will come. I’m sure they’ll learn how to do it, but in the meantime, you’re going to need to apply all of your knowledge and all of your SEO wizardry to the headline and to the descriptions. We have a special thing here at Big Fuse Media. We provide transcripts and captions along with all of that other search engine ranking information, and that is what’s going to get you to the top of the search engines.
Modern Day Scribe has provided the captioning and transcription of this video. In doing so, both Big Fuse Media and Modern Day Scribe will benefit from inserting this video onto our respective websites. The keywords are “Business Video, Captioning, and Transcription,” because that’s our two businesses, as well as the company names, “Big Fuse Media” and “Modern Day Scribe.” These are going to be repeatedly recognized by Google and YouTube via the transcript and captioning of this video. That’s how that works. This will move the websites of Big Fuse Media and Modern Day Scribe to the top of the search engines—magic! Big Fuse Media is more than a video production company. We work with thought leaders and entrepreneurial companies to help you share and tell your story very effectively. Modern Day Scribe, by providing captions and transcripts of your video production, ensures that your story is told to a wider audience. I hope that you’ll revisit this video to see for yourself how we at Big Fuse Media and Modern Day Scribe move our respective websites up the search engines. Just search for “Business Video, Transcription, and Captioning” to see where we are. Now, the Big Fuse Media and Modern Day Scribe want to do the same for your business. What’s your story? What’s your message? What are your keywords? Let’s work together to enhance your SEO with a video by Big Fuse Media and augment that video with captioning and transcription by Modern Day Scribe.